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Greeting Card Envelopes – JSW Envelopes’ Speciality

Envelopes required for greeting cards are generally quite different from those of “standard” envelopes.

This is not only in respect of the size and shape of the envelopes, and the stock from which they are made, but also the features that may be required – envelopes with gold or silver leaf inserts and embossing, to name two specific examples.

As such, relatively few manufacturers have the capability or expertise you need.

At JSW Envelopes, we have on-site envelope manufacturing equipment that is ideally suited to the manufacture of greeting card envelopes. We also have personnel with expertise in manufacturing greeting card envelopes.

Indeed, JSW Envelopes already has quite a number of greeting card customers throughout Australia as well as in New Zealand and, accordingly, is well familiar with the issues involved.

JSW Envelopes has over many years been a supporter of the Australian greeting card industry, and is a current member of the Australian Greeting Cards Association.

If your business is greeting cards, please give JSW Envelopes a call in relation to your greeting card envelope requirements.


Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team for further information.

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