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Standard Styles

Wallet Envelope

A wallet envelope has a retangular flap on the longest side.
Seal type:
Lic & Stick
Self seal
Strip & seal

Pocket Envelope
The pocket envelope has a rectangular flap on the shortest side.
Seal type:
Strip & seal
Lic & stic
Banker Envelope
A banker envelope has a triangle flap on the longest side. It is also suitable for high speed machine insertion.
Seal type:
Lic & stic
Card Envelope
The card envelope has a deep triangle flap on the longest side.
Seal type:
Lic & stic
Window face
Specially designed for pre address inserts, the window face envelope comes in a range of pocket, wallet or bankers.
Available with a Secretive pattern printed on
the inside for additional security
Make up from printed sheets
Envelopes can be made up from printed sheets or shapes supplied - in any envelope type.


Custom Design

In addition to all the standard envelope types, Eastcoast Envelopes manufactures envelopes to order in practically any size, style, seal method, window arrangement, colour or quantity as customers may require.

Eastcoast Envelopes specializes in envelopes for greeting card companies.

We have a number of greeting card customers and so are already well familiar with the specific issues involved in the manufacture of envelopes for greeting cards.

We maintain as stock items a number of standard greeting card envelopes, samples of which can be supplied on request.


Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team for further information.

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